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Does the Best Cellulite Cream Really Work?

anti cellulite cream results

best cellulite cream for sale In this article, you will find out

  • 3 Essential Factors A Cellulite Cream MUST Have
  • 8 Essential Ingredients (Without Them, The Cellulite Cream May Well Not Work)
  • Why These Specific Ingredients Are So Important For The Cream To Work
  • How To Apply Your Cellulite Cream To Maximize The Results
  • 1 Additional Tip That Will Increase The Effectiveness Of The Cellulite Cream By More Than 300%

In my article, what is cellulite I talk in detail about “what it is and how you get it”. It is a problem that many women have. To further exacerbate the problem, there is a ton of information out there that is so miss guided, and even more products that simply don’t work. In this article, I am going to give you scientifically accurate information, and I am going to show you how to find an effective anti-cellulite cream that actually works, and then one essential step that no one talks about, and I have to say, that without applying this step, you might not be able to get rid of your cellulite, even if you are using the best cellulite cream. More on that later.

There are a ton of cellulite creams on the market, and you can even get some for less than $10…………… Well, what can I say? You get what you pay for. It’s a bit like going to a restaurant and ordering a 3 course dinner that costs $2. OK, it’s cheap, it’s a dinner, and it may even taste OK, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be full of rubbish, and it’s not going to be good for you. The reason for that is because decent ingredients are going to put the cost right up. It is the same with cellulite cream, you can pay a few $ for a cheap cream, but the effective ingredients are either not going to be there, or the product is simply no good and it’s not going to work, so you would be better off not wasting your money.

Also, it’s not enough to just to go out and buy a cream, use it for a few days and expect to see your cellulite disappear. There are 3 fundamental things to bear in mind for the cellulite cream to work: –

Without These 3 Factors You Will Be Wasting Your Money!

The cream MUST include ALL of the right ingredients to achieve the most effective results
The ingredients MUST be HIGH QUALITY (high quality doesn’t come cheaply)
There is a certain method to adopt when applying the cellulite cream to achieve BEST results otherwise even the best cream may only provide minimal results

Let’s talk about topical applications now, and in particular, anti-cellulite cream. As I said, there are a ton of creams on the market, so how can you know which ones are effective, or more importantly, which one’s work? Well first of all, if it is cheap, it simply isn’t going to work. I have mentioned this already. The number of effective high-quality ingredients that need to be present within the cream are not cheap, so cheap creams may only include some of the ingredients and or, the quality / quantity of those ingredients may simply not be there.

You can pay $100+ for the best cellulite creams. Now at the top of this page I recommend what I consider to be the best cellulite cream. It is a high quality topical application, but it’s not cheap. The reason for that is because it includes all the high quality essential ingredients that work to produce visible results. Now this cream does actually work, and I’ll go in to detail why in a moment. There are other creams that also work, but they won’t be cheap either. The thing to bear in mind are the 3 points I mentioned above, so stick with me, and you are going to find out how you can get rid of that cellulite by using a cream.

8 Essential Ingredients That A Cellulite Cream Must Have


Retinol is probably the most essential ingredient for any effective cellulite application to have. Retinol sounds like a manufactured substance or some weird chemical, but actually, it is very natural. Retinol is vitamin A in a molecular form C20H30O.

When applied topically, retinol is absorbed very efficiently within the skin. Over time and continual application, as the skin absorbs the retinol, the magic begins to happen. What happens as a result of consistent application is that Retinol aids the body’s production of collagen. The main factor in women having cellulite is due to the fact that their collagen production has decreased. This is a natural process. It happens with men as well, but most men have a different skin make up which prevents them having the appearance of cellulite. However, with women, as the collagen production decreases with age, the skins elasticity weakens. It is the collagen that maintains youthful, tight, firm skin, and this is why young people don’t have cellulite other than in rare cases. So retinol plays an essential part as one of the ingredients of a quality cellulite cream.


I mentioned about collagen when I was talking about the function Retinol had to aid the body’s production of collagen. Without a doubt, retinol is an essential ingredient. However, the fact remains that as women get older, the collagen production decreases. As it decreases, the skin begins to sag and the older you get the more the skin sags and wrinkles. The elasticity simply loses its strength.

One of the things that collagen does is it firms and strengthens the sebaceous connective tissue. It holds the network of cells together. As the collagen reduces, the connective tissue weakens and can no longer contain the unhealthy cellulite encapsulated fat cells. Now that is crudely stated, but essentially correct. Now the retinol surely helps, but it needs reinforcement.

More retinol isn’t the answer. Other natural ingredients are needed to carry out active functions, such as vitamin C.

Cellulite is actually fat that has been stored by your body within in your skin’s connective tissues. An important factor in reducing those dimples is to improve collagen production. Collagen is the main building block that provides the structural support for your skin. As people age, collagen production goes down, which leads to wrinkly skin and a weakening of the connective tissues.

Vitamin C, is vital in supplementing and adding a powerful ingredient to work alongside retinol to aid the process of increasing the body’s production of collagen

Vitamin C, alongside Retinol is essential to aid the body’s ability to manufacture collagen. From a molecular perspective, Vitamin C plays a most essential role in collagen regeneration. From a scientific perspective, the addition of vitamin C to a skin cell culture (fibroblasts) has a marked increase in the synthesis of collagen. This is the perfect dual function ingredient to Retinol for this reason. In addition to this, vitamin C is an antioxidant. When topically applied, the vitamin C can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are something that affects everyone, and the older you get the more damage the skin experiences as a result of free radicals, so effective countermeasures such as vitamin C play an essential role for the skins wellbeing and youthful appearance.

The visible effect vitamin C plays from a physical perspective for the skins appearance, is to  reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and to provide a strengthening and firming of the skin. This is why vitamin C plays such an important role in anti-aging skin serums, and for cellulite creams, it is a must have ingredient for it to be effective.


Caffeine, when applied as a topical application, helps reduce your cells’ fat content. Scientifically speaking, when caffeine is massaged in to the skin, it penetrates and comes in to contact with an enzyme called phosphodiesterase. Simplified, caffeine is a phosphodiesterase repellant. It actually blocks the enzyme, or provides a barrier that prevents the enzyme from carrying out its function.

OK, so what is phosphodiesterase and why does the body secrete it?

Well, the body secretes this enzyme to prevent fat from being broken down. Now the body stores fat as a natural process. We need fat in our bodies to survive, and the phosphodiesterase is there to prevent the breakdown of the fat. However, cellulite is stored in the fat cell areas of the body. The more fat you have stored, the greater the potential for cellulite appearing, and also, as the cellulite effect builds, the worse it can look. Now phosphodiesterase doesn’t have a brain, and will do what it does best and prevent the breakdown of fat. However, we need to break down the fat because that is (putting it basically) is where the cellulite is stored. Break down the fat, and you are part way there to reducing the cellulite appearance.

So, back to the caffeine then, as a topical application, when penetrated within the skin, can block and prevent phosphodiesterase from being released.

The funny thing about caffeine is that it is active in reducing the appearance of cellulite as a topical application. However, drinking caffeinated drinks can have the opposite effect.

AVOCADO OIL: (Persea Gratissima)

Avocado oil comes from the avocado. The avocado fruit itself is an unusual kind of fruit because it is rich in fat (healthy fat, don’t worry!), protein, and potassium. The oil is extracted from the avocado flesh and it gives a multitude of health benefits.

Avocado oil is rich vitamin E that helps protect your skin from any damages caused by toxins and too much exposure to the sun. This oil is often used as a sunscreen because it is rich in mono-saturated fats that form a thin layer of your skin to prevent it to immediately absorb harmful UV rays. The nutrients found in avocado oil also promote collagen production, and I have detailed the importance that collagen plays in the removal of cellulite.

The oil has excellent skin penetration properties which makes it an ideal ingredient to use in a high-quality cellulite cream. It effectively fights free radicals that cause damage to your cells. This is also why avocado oil is used in the best anti-aging products because of this. The promotion of the body’s production of collagen as a result of the topical application of the avocado oil reduces cellulite because the collagen has a tightening firming action on the sebaceous tissue. As the tissue strengthens, the skins appearance takes on a smooth look because the cellulite dimples become tightened out.


 To a lot of people, seaweed is only known in food or as the brown or dark green gross-looking plant that you see on beaches. But seaweed is more than that because it actually has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and is also a rich source of antioxidants that can make wonders on your complexion.

Seaweed has excellent exfoliating properties that help draw out dirt, grease and toxins from your skin. It also assists the removal of dead skin cells that block your pores from receiving nutrients. Good quality exfoliating ingredients are important to have within a good cellulite cream because it enables the other ingredients to become more efficient in their specific role by being able to penetrate and be absorbed deep within the skin.

According to dermatological experts, seaweed also helps enhance the body’s production of collagen, which as I have already covered, is an essential part of the process for the affected skin to become firm and tightened so that the appearance of cellulite is greatly reduced.

Seaweed is also rich in iodine. Now iodine is an important property for the thyroid gland. It actually assists it to function more efficiently / effectively, and helps it to be in a healthy state. When you apply seaweed topically, your skin will absorb minute quantities of iodine. The absorption of the iodine is definitely a plus, even though the iodine amounts absorbed are so small, because regular application of the cellulite cream will produce a build-up effect.

The thyroid gland is in charge of producing amino acids that boost your metabolism. Proper metabolism aids in blood and nutrient circulation which helps aid the burn up of energy, which leads to the reduction of fat in the medium to longer term. The reduction of fat, also makes it harder for the cellulite to take root or to continue in establishing its presence in your body.


Sage oil comes from the herb sage. Sage is known to be one of the oldest plants. It is used extensively for its medicinal and therapeutic uses. The oil is produced by steaming distilled sage leaves.

Sage oil is a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because they fight free radicals found in the body. Free radicals are naturally produced within the body as part of the ageing process. Free radicals are bad, and are a primary cause of aging signs.

The abundance of antioxidants found within sage oil means that it is an essential ingredient of the cellulite cream. Fighting free radicals to slow down signs of aging also slows down the deterioration of some of the aspects that cause the body to build up the toxins and for the sin and tissue make up to become less effective in their original function. Some products also make use of sage oil as a cream that removes scars and marks.

Sage oil promotes good blood circulation and is effective to aid the body’s process of removing toxins that are stored within the cellulite affected areas, which is essential for eliminating cellulite.


Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is a light brown substance that is commonly used in skincare products. It has numerous benefits, because vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, and as a result, it has the ability to fight free radicals which I detailed in the sage oil properties. Free radicals damage tissue and cells in the body so that they are low in function.

Vitamin E works well together with sage oil. Both have antioxidant properties and their dual effect combination helps improve the effectiveness of the antioxidant process on the cellulite


Aloe Vera is present in cacti found in dry areas. It has long been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes because of the many benefits present in the substance. When you cut the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant, a gel-like substance will ooze from it. The cactus is rich with this substance and the contained properties make it ideal for numerous skin product applications and treatments.

Aloe Vera does three main things.

  1. Aloe Vera is a first-class moisturizer and a great source of hydration. This is helpful to prevent the death of surface skin as it dry’s and blocks the pores which can be a trap for bacteria, dirt and grease. It is also rich in vitamins A and E and beta-carotene that are responsible for fighting free radicals that cause signs of aging and the breakdown of the body’s efficiency to function efficiently and therefore prevent or aid the prevention of cellulite from appearing.
  2. Longer term use and application of Aloe Vera can help improves the elasticity of your skin and firm up the sebaceous tissue, which is an essential part of the process to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  3. Aloe Vera can reduce and heal skin inflammation. Aloe Vera contains gibberellin which promotes the production of new cells. When new cells are produced, scars and wounds can easily heal because it replaces damaged ones, and generally speaking from a cellulite perspective, the generation of new skin cells that are in better hydrated condition that the old ones will make your skin more beautiful and soft. That combined with the other factors that firm up and tighten the skin and sebaceous tissue provide a winning combination.

The Best Cellulite Cream Formulation

An effective topical anti cellulite cream must include the following high-quality agents for it to be effective: –

Destructive Counteraction Agents

The following two agents are essential aspects that a successful cellulite cream should include. It is important to render the bad agents that are work within the body and in particular in the cellulite affected areas of your body so that they are not undermining the building agents that the cream needs to apply within the skin of the cellulite affected areas

  1. Exfoliation: The cream must contain ingredients that will exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and draw out as much dirt and grease as possible so as to allow the other ingredients the opportunity to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. This can only be done if the active ingredients are to be absorbed as deeply and over as much area of the affected skin as possible.
  2. Antioxidants: As antioxidants fight to eliminate free radicals, it means that the cellulite cream that includes antioxidant properties is coming against the factors that break down the formation of the functional parts of the body’s production that eliminates or reduces cellulite.

Repair / Building Agents

The next two agent maximize and increase the body’s ability to create repair building substances that get rid of cellulite. Collagen for example is the number 1 most essential repair substance that the body can produce. As you age, the body’s ability to produce collagen decreases, but if you create the right environment, you can make the production of collagen much higher than your body normally creates, which means you can really make a difference and significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite

  1. Collagen: This substance is the most abundant protein within the human body, but as you age, its production and presence within the body decreases. This is due to a number of factors, but using the very best cellulite cream, you will have ingredients with multiple collagen enhancing properties that actually encourage and create the right nutrients to promote and maximize the body’s ability to increase the production of collagen. This will be effective not only for reversing the appearance of cellulite, but will help improve the elasticity of your skin, and help make you look younger. This is why the best anti-aging products include these ingredients.
  2. Moisturizing: High quality moisturizing properties within the cream help keep the skin hydrated and prevent premature death and flaking of skin cells. Moisturizing with quality Aloe Vera within the cellulite cream not only moisturizes, but enhances repair of damaging skin.

One Tip That Makes The Cellulite Cream 300% More Effective In Getting Rid Of Cellulite

The product that I recommend, in my opinion, is the best cellulite cream available. Basically, it ticks all the right boxes that I have covered in this post. If you simply use this product alone, you will see results after a short while of using it. However, there is a tip that I can add that when applied will increase the effectiveness of the cream by more than 300%. Now the 300% is not a scientific percentage, but rather my estimation. Everything I have stated about the ingredients, what they do, and why they work is true. However, if you do what I am about to advise, it will turbo boost the effectiveness of this cellulite bream so much, that you will find that

  1. Your cellulite will be gone faster
  2. Your cellulite won’t return
  3. You won’t always have to use the cream

The tip is to do 15 – 30 minutes of exercise per day. By doing this, the following dynamics will take place in your body: –

  • You will use energy. The use of energy means that the food you eat will be stored as energy. If you don’t carry out the exercise, that energy you would otherwise have burnt up will still be present in your body, so when you eat again, your body won’t need that energy, and so, the body stores the energy as s fat, and deposit it and in and around the cellulite affect areas of your body. The more fat that is present, in and around the cellulite affected areas. The accumulation of fat means that the environment for even more cellulite to establish has increased,
  • By exercising a little bit each day will increase your heart rate. An increased heart rate helps get you fitter, but it also increases the rate of blood circulation. An increased blood circulation, according to Lionel Bissoon ) , helps stimulate the body’s production of collagen
  • Exercising actually increases the efficiency of the lymphatic circulation. Unlike the blood, the lymphatic system gets pumped via the body’s lymphatic nodes. As you exercise, the muscles squeeze these nodes and assist the lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic process is purely there to transport toxins out of the body. Toxins are stored around fat cells, and their presence destroys collagen. As the collagen weakens, the connective tissue also weakens. When the connective tissue becomes weakened, the lumpy toxin infected is squeezed between the connective tissue matrix which gives the cellulite dimpled / lumpy skin appearance. Exercising in the long term helps the body to dispose of the bad toxins

So exercising regularly, will set up your body to let the cellulite cream be as efficient as possible. My advice then to make this, the best cellulite cream up to 300% more effective is to follow my exercise tip. You can read my exercise recommendation to find out more on the importance exercise plays in getting rid of cellulite.

This Is The Best Cellulite Cream That I recommend

As I said, there are so many cellulite creams on the market. They range from less than $10 to over $100. So let me conclude about what I said earlier in this article. Cheap creams either don’t work, or their effectiveness is seriously limited. You get what you pay for, and in life, the cheapest usually offers poor value. After all, you buy the cream because you expect it to work, but there are varying levels of “work”.

Because of this, I have looked in to finding the best cellulite cream and one that actually works and is effective in getting rid of cellulite. The product I recommend is a high-quality cellulite cream. It includes all the ingredients and points I have mentioned in this article that are essential for an effective cream to have.

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