How to Get Rid of Cellulite - The Definitive Guide

Why Did I Write This Guide?

I wanted to write something of great value for my readers. Something that was more than just a basic 300 - 400 word article. Furthermore, I wanted to write something that would actually work, something that my readers could implement that was both factual and practical!

Who is This Guide For?

This 6 module guide is for anyone who wants to get rid of cellulite on their body and is looking for a “how to do it” guide or resource. For anyone new to this, I have written a comprehensive article that details what it is and how it is formed which would be good for you to read, so that you become familiar with the subject.

As the saying goes... The devil is in the detail, so it's important to become very familiar with what it is and how it is formed before you take on the process of actually tackling it in your own reduction campaign.

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Do I Have to Implement Everything in the Course?

The 6 modules provide comprehensive factual information and practical advice. Ideally, you would read and apply everything, but this is not really practical to do. What I suggest then, is that you read through the 6 modules and take on that which is doable for you. For example, in module 5, you will find a number of wrap & scrub recipes you can use, but don’t feel you need to do them all. The number of recipes are there to inspire you, so you may only want to pick 1 or 2 recipes, or you may alternate across the entire list of recipes, it's up to you!

The most important thing for you to do is to apply the details in this course, so if you don’t have a lot of time available, you can simply select the high priority sections and apply those, and if you have more time, you can add the medium priority sections and so on.

The key to success will be to implement at least, the high priority sections from each of the six modules and to be consistent and to work at it for the long term until you reduce the appearance of cellulite to the degree you are happy with. DON’T pick and choose modules. As I said, you should apply the high priority sections from each of the six modules as a minimum.

YES! You Can Reduce Those Cellulites To Virtually Zero

YES!The question “Can you really get rid of it?” is one that is argued about all the time.
The simple answer is: YES, you can!

The reason why people fail is because of the following:

bullet avoidThey Don’t Apply a “Total” Anti-Cell Campaign

bullet avoidThey Apply Products and/or Factors That Don’t Tackle The Root Issues

bullet avoidThey are Not Consistent in Their Campaign

bullet avoidThey Give Up

What is Cellulite?

Although I cover this more in depth here, it is simply the skin having an "orange peel" appearance that is caused as a result of a weakened connective tissue structure that can no longer contain the fat cells that are contained within it. The connective tissue becomes weakened as a result of a decreased collagen synthesis (production) within the body. It is the collagen that provides the connective tissue with strength and structure to contain the fat cells.

Treating Cellulite: Before and AfterCollagen production decreases as we age, and other lifestyle factors can decrease the collagen synthesis even further. So, the older we get, the weaker the connective tissue becomes and as a result, the fat cells begin a bulge into and through the tissue, giving the skin a dimpled appearance.

There are other factors which accelerate and increase its appearance.

These factors include:
1. A Poor Quality Diet
2. A Wrong Lifestyle
3. Lack of Physical Exercise

In this 6 module course, you will find detailed explanation of what is happening in your body, plus I provide you with practical steps that you can carry out to address all of these three very important points.

How to Get Rid of The Dimpled Skin Appearance (Simplified)

Optimal production of collagen fibres is essential for healthy, young-looking skinIn a nutshell, this dimpled skin appearance can be described as an appearance that forms as a result of a collagen deficiency. To rectify this then, it is important to take on a consistent diet that promotes collagen synthesis (production) and provides all the right nutrients to encourage optimum bodily function.

Also that you adopt a healthy lifestyle that reduces any premature breakdown/reduction of collagen synthesis and optimizes the efficiency of the lymphatic system to remove toxins which break down collagen synthesis. Stop smoking for instance, because when you smoke, you load your body with all manner of toxins. Stop tanning, whether you are lying in the sun or at a UV salon. The UV rays wreck your collagen, so it is a big potential issue if you continue to expose your body to harmful rays.

Introduce consistent physical exercise routing as part of your lifestyle. It is great for your circulation and it promotes lymph flow, which is essential for optimizing the removal of harmful toxins from your body. These toxins destroy collagen and are major contributors to the appearance of the dimpled pitted skin formation.

The process of clearing up this skin appearance is all down to 4 areas of bodily function:

1. CollagenFirst we have collagen. As you get older, the production of collagen in your body decreases naturally. Collagen is the protein in your body that provides elasticity for your skin and tendons. It also forms the structure in the connective tissue under the skin that provides strength and firmness. This connective tissue, when healthy, holds the fat cells in place, so that they don’t bulge in and through the tissue. As you get older however, the collagen production reduces and so the connective tissue becomes weakened because it needs the collagen to rebuild and strengthen. As the collagen production reduces, the structure becomes weaker and weaker, and can no longer contain the fat cells like it used to be able to, and so the fat cells begin to gradually protrude to form the appearance of a dimpled pitted skin formation.

2. Poor Quality DietThe 2nd issue comes back to poor quality diet. Consumption of low quality carbohydrates, such as sugary snacks and drinks for example, can cause your body to overload on glucose. You see, the body converts the carbs to glucose and glycogen, and any excess gets stored as fat around the affected areas. This increase in fat production forces more pressure on an already weakening connective tissue, so by consuming low quality and or excessive carbohydrates means you are making the dimpled skin appearance much worse. It’s not just the carbs though where diet needs to be right. You need the right nutrients, so that your body can produce healthy cells, and function both efficiently and effectively. Essential nutrients include foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Blood CirculationThen 3rd issue is to do with blood circulation. The blood caries the nutrition and oxygen to the cells in the body. Now, it is essential that you have a high quality diet and include a good balance of all those nutrients I mentioned. However, if your blood circulation is not in good condition, it means that the oxygen and nutrients are not being effectively delivered to where they are needed. If the blood circulation rate decreases, it affects multiple areas of the body in a negative manner. A decreased blood circulation also decreases the body’s production of collagen, and remember, collagen is essential for providing strength and firmness to the connective tissue, and if you don’t have that, then that dimpled skin appearance may well start to show. So you need to increase your body’s production of collagen and not reduce it, which is what a poor circulation will do.

4. Stregthen Lymphatic SystemFinally, we have the lymphatic system. This is an important part to get right too, because the lymph system is the body’s waste disposal system. It is directly responsible for removing the toxins from your body. Toxins are stored by the body in the fat cells, and yes, those fat cells are in the cell affected areas. If the lymph flow in the body is not good, there will be toxin build up. This causes the body’s fat cells to enlarge. As the poor quality diet and lifestyle continues, the toxin build up is made worse. Now toxins actually break down the collagen and fibers in the connective tissue, so the toxins further weaken the structure and makes the appearance worse over time. A healthy lymphatic system will have a good flow rate, and if the diet and lifestyle are good, the toxin build up will be at a minimum. Good physical exercise will help ensure a good health lymph flow (and will also help with the blood circulation too!)

Success Equals a Naturally Balanced Diet, Good Lifestyle Choices and Daily Physical Exercise

6-Module Anti Cellulite Course

At the bottom of this page you will find a button that you can click on that will take you to the 1st module. In this course we will be studying the following aspects of how to get rid of this skin appearance. It is important to follow these guidelines for you to get the best results in the reduction and elimination of this skin condition:

Module 1: FOOD

Anti Cellulite FoodsIn the first module I show you specific foods and ingredients that are effective in carrying out specific functions that will actively help the reduction process.

I cover in detail, each food type, providing factual information from leading doctors/experts about why these foods are so effective.

Module 2: DRINK

Anti Cellulite DrinksIn this module I cover the most effective drinks you can have to reduce the dimpled cell appearance. Like in the food module, I will be showing you the drinks and ingredients that are powerful and effective in eliminating your cellulite and I also talk in detail about why they are so effective and provide you with practical guidelines and steps that you can follow.


Lifestyle ChangesIn this third module I cover lifestyle, and how the way you live your life can affect your skins cell appearance. I let you know what the bad lifestyle habits are and what the good ones are – those that actually play an active role in reducing the dimpled cell appearance. Remember, there's no need to change everything!


Anti Cellulite ApplicationsIn this module I cover products and applications that you can put on your skin to help reduce the cell appearance. These applications are very effective in not only reducing the appearance of the dimpled skin condition, but by helping the body process the factors that cause and increase its formation. We also look at what certain specific ingredients do and why they work. Effective products help to provide skin strength and elasticity.

Module 5: WRAPS & SCRUBS

Anti Cellulite Wraps and ScrubsWraps and scrubs are growing in popularity. Some of those that are around are quite wacky and don’t really have any grounds for providing effective results. I have put this module together to provide an understanding in what wraps and scrubs do and how they might be effective in helping to get rid of the cell appearance. I provide some really good tips and recipes for both wraps and scrubs and tell you why they are effective.


Anti Cellulite ExercisesModule 6 is the final module in this series. I talk about the importance of exercise and detail the reasons why exercise is an effective part of the cell reduction process. I have 9 videos laid out on this page. Each video I show you a different exercise that you can do that focuses on different muscle areas of the body. You are going to like this module because it is fun, effective, and most importantly, it is healthy.

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Quick Overview (Infographic) of All Modules

How to Get Rid of Cellulite - The Definitive Guide (Infographic) by Shellie BrianModule 1: Foods That Helps Get Rid of Cellulite